I love to dress Lulu up in tutus and they are super easy to make. I made the one in this tutorial to be part of her Minnie Mouse Halloween costume. You can see the rest of the costume here.

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Step 1:

Collect all of your materials. You will need elastic, 2-5 yards of  tulle {depending on size} in any color you chose, scissors, hot glue gun and cardboard {I used cardboard from a cereal box}.

I purchased the tulle I used for this tutu at the local craft store but it is a much better deal to order tulle off of Amazon in a bundle package. I would recommend purchasing THIS BUNDLE.  It has a good variety of colors at a great price.

Step 2:

You will need to determine the length of the elastic you will need. The best way to do this is to measure the waist of the child you are making the tutu for. If you are unable to measure the waist of the child you can use the chart below. Once you cut your elastic you will need to use the hot glue gun to seal the two ends together.

Clothing SizesElastic Sizes
Newborn11 Inches
0-3 Months12 Inches
3-6 Months13 Inches
6-9 Months14 Inches
9-12 Months15 Inches
12-18 Months16 Inches
24 Months17 Inches
3T18 Inches
4T20 Inches
5T22 Inches

Step 3:

Cut your red tulle into rectangles. See chart below to see the length of your rectangles based on the age of the child you are making a tutu for. All rectangles should have a width of 10 inches. I used 35 rectangles of tulle. I was making the tutu for a child in 9-12 month clothing.  You will need more or less tulle pieces depending on the size of the child.

Clothing SizeTutu Length
Newborn4 Inches
0-3 Months4 Inches
3-6 Months6 Inches
6-9 Months6 Inches
9-12 Months8 Inches
12-18 Months8 Inches
24 Months10 Inches
3T10 Inches
4T11 Inches
5T11 Inches


Step 4:

Fold each of your rectangles in half and roll each piece.


Step 5:

Slide 1/2 of each rectangle  underneath the elastic band. Then tie the tulle around the elastic band. Once this is tied, you need to take the next piece of tulle and tie it to the elastic band. This tulle should overlap the previous tulle piece. Continue this until your elastic band is completely covered with tulle. You will want to have the tulle overlapping as this is the best way to cover your elastic. None of the elastic should be showing.



The polka dots in this sample picture were glued on to complete the Minnie Mouse costume. You can see the tutorial for it here.


You did it! You now have an adorable tutu fit perfectly for your little princess! You can leave your tutu like this or you can tie a bow onto it. Either way it is super cute!