Sam and I have been trying to eat at home as much as possible lately. We are trying to stick to a budget and lets be honest, with an active toddler, going out to eat is more work than it’s worth. Eating in means cooking more. I don’t mind cooking and I’m actually getting pretty good at it.  I try to make fairly simple and quick recipes because with a toddler running around the house I don’t have much time to focus on cooking. I am still learning ways to keep Lulu busy while trying to cook. Hopefully, I will eventually be posting about the perfect way to keep a toddler busy while trying to complete household tasks.

This is not that post.

This is a post celebrating how inquisitive my toddler is and how she is capable of making a natural disaster size mess in less than 10 minutes. She has a talent that most toddler mothers are probably very well aware of. Instead of getting frustrated about the half hour it is going to take me to clean up the aftermath of Tornado Lulu, I am choosing to look at the positives.


I am impressed that she is resourceful enough to stand on a stack of paper plates in order to reach the breakables in the back of the cupboard. I am proud that she doesn’t settle for the hundreds of toys we have bought for her and instead she wants to play with napkins and other paper products to further her creativity. Her ability to clean out the pantry in such a short period of time is truly inspiring. This has been something I have had on my ‘to do’ list for the past five months. Tonight I will be celebrating all of these accomplishments with an early bedtime for Lulu and an extra large glass of wine for Mama.


You can go HERE to see the Buffalo Chicken Nachos that led to this enjoyable Tuesday evening.


Cheers to all my fellow toddler Mama friends!