Happy Anniversary to us! I can’t believe it has been three years. There have been a lot of tough moments but even more amazing ones. When we met Freshman year of high school I never would have imagined we would be married with a child and living this crazy life together.

Since our anniversary fell on a Wednesday we decided to just have dinner as a family at a local restaurant. We agreed to celebrate just the two of us at a later date.   It definitely wasn’t the extravagant anniversary we had the first year. We spent a week in Punta Cana and even got the Presidential Suite. It was perfect weather,  incredibly relaxing and so much romance it would make anyone gag. Alas, we live a new {and better} life now.

Lulu did great at dinner. Per usual, she waived to every person she saw and made friends with all of the waitresses. She insisted on eating everything Mama was eating and because I was trying to avoid any meltdowns on our anniversary, I let her eat everything I thought she wouldn’t choke on. After dinner we went to the grocery store {so romantic I know, but we really needed milk}. While in line at the grocery store, I noticed what appeared to be a hive on Lulu’s arm. I went into crazy Mama mode and pulled her dress up to check over her entire body. She was covered. There were hives all over her body. Now I was officially in a panic. We rushed to the nearest urgent care. I couldn’t even fill out the forms they gave us because I was shaking. My poor baby was having an allergic reaction. I ran through a list of foods she ate all day. ‘Ranch, it must have been the ranch. This was the only thing she ate that she never tried before. Or maybe it was the tomato. Has she ever had a tomato before? I can’t even remember what she has eaten before. I might as well have fed my child poison. I poisoned my child.’ Meanwhile, Lulu couldn’t have cared less about my miniature breakdown in the middle of the urgent care or the growing number of hives on her body. She thought she was in a new play place and tore up the entire waiting room with pure joy.

We were in the actual room for all of five minutes. The doctor looked at her for approximately one second and said ‘hives. You’ll never know from what. We’ll give her Benadryl.’ I always feel a little embarrassed when I go into full blown Mama panic mode just to have a doctor act like this is the 19th patient he saw today with the same very basic symptoms. I may or may not have cried.  So maybe I overreacted a little bit. The Benadryl kicked in quickly and the hives were gone by the time we got home.

Who needs Punta Cana when you can spend your anniversary at the urgent care? This is mom life.