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How to Use Social Media to Increase your Blog Traffic

The absolute most important thing you can do for your blog is get on social media! Social media allows you to start connecting with people who are interested in the topics you are writing about. The more connected someone feels to you the more likely they are going to be to visit and follow your blog. I started my social media accounts for my blogs this month and I made relatively modest goals. I wanted to achieve 1,000 Twitter followers, 300 Instagram followers and 300 Pinterest followers. By using these strategies, I surpassed all of my goals!


Gain Followers-Twitter should be the first social media account that you start for you blog. It is the easiest account to gain new followers and a great way to attract people to your other accounts (and of course, your blog)! I never had a Twitter account before starting my blog so I really had no idea what I was doing when I first started. I quickly learned that growing my twitter following was surprisingly easy. I wanted to connect with people who could benefit from my blog and people who I was truly interested in learning from through their tweets! I knew the best way to do this was to find fellow parents and especially fellow blogging moms. To find them I followed people who used hashtags that I was interested in such as #momlife and #toddlerlife. I then looked at the followers of baby companies like Carters, Huggies, etc. My strategy was to follow as many people as I could who appeared to fit my ‘parent’ criteria. However, Twitter has a maximum number of people you are allowed to follow which is around 5,000 but can go up depending on the amount of people following you back. Once I hit the maximum of people I was allowed to follow I went through and started deleting people who never follow me back. This freed up more space for me to follow new people.

Respond to Automated Messages-When you start following new people on Twitter you are going to get a lot of automated direct messages. Instead of just ignoring these messages, respond back to them! Ask them to follow you back, give them your blog information and other social media account information. Reaching out to these automated messages gained me followers on all of my social media and helped improve my blog traffic. In one month, I gained 1,739 Twitter followers which was almost double my goal!

Send Automated Messages- There is a general consensus that people hate automated messages. But they work! It is absolutely impossible to respond to every single new person who follows you especially when you have so many new followers every day! The best way to reach out to each of your new followers is through an automated direct message. I used Crowdfire to develop my automated message and it is super easy to use. My automated message thanks people for following me and gives links to my Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and of course, my blog! I ask people to follow me on each of these accounts. Shortly after people follow me on Twitter, I notice they follow me on my other accounts. It is clearly correlated with these automatic messages!

Post Consistently-My goal is to post on Twitter 10 times a day. These posts can be retweets, pictures, comments or links back to my blog. I try to post a variety of items and refrain from only posting links back to my blog. Twitter moves fast! In order for people to notice you, posting at least 10 times a day is an absolute must! I have to be honest, I wasn’t always able to post 10 times a day but I definitely noticed a difference in my blog viewership on days that I was active and those that I wasn’t.

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Gain Followers-I used the same strategy for Instagram as I did for Twitter but it is a little harder to find people on Instagram who met my criteria than it is on Twitter. In one month, I gained 516 Instagram followers. One of the other ways I gained Instagram followers is through sending automated direct messages to my Twitter followers. See above regarding sending automated messages on Twitter.

Post Consistently-My goal is to post on Instagram 1 time a day. Instagram is a much more personal setting than Twitter. I occasionally post about my blog but more frequently, I just post pictures of our daily life. To me Instagram is more of a place to build personal connections with people. I want my Instagram to be a spot where people can learn about me and my family. I know that I love seeing pictures of people’s children and other daily life activities. I feel much more connected to people I follow on Instagram than those I follow on any other account. The more connected people are with you the more likely they are to consistently visit your blog.

Connect to your Followers- I send personal messages on Instagram. This month I was working on collecting birth stories for the new section of my blog (you can check it out here) so I reached out to people who had Instagram accounts that stood out to me. These personalized messages allowed me to connect with fellow Mamas and fellow bloggers! To me this is even more valuable than gaining blog views! I also comment and like others posts as much as I can. I don’t do this with the intention of growing blog views. Instead, I genuinely like the posts and believe the comments I write. It is pretty obvious when people comment just because they think they are supposed to and when people comment because they want to. Connect with your followers but do it because you genuinely want to connect not because you have an ulterior motive.

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Gain Followers-I used the same strategy for Pinterest that I used for Instagram-See above.

Join Group Boards- On Pinterest, it is far more important to join and pin on group boards than it is to gain your own followers. I have 370 Pinterest followers which isn’t nearly enough to make me a Pinterest sensation. However, I reach far more than these 370 people because I became a member and post on 9 group boards. These boards have thousands of followers which means that every time I pin in these boards I not only reach the 370 people who follow me but I also reach the thousands of people who are on these boards. You can read more information about group boards on my post about How to Grow Your Blog Traffic. One of the goals of my blog is to make it a collaborative space for parents. So I created two of my own group boards as well. Message me if you want me to add you to my Parenting or DIY boards!

Pin Consistently-My goal for Pinterest is to pin 20 times a day. I normally pin 2-5 of my own posts each day and the rest are all pins that I am truly interested in and that I believe would benefit my followers. The more active you are on Pinterest the more promoted your pins will be. It is also important to support other bloggers!!

Create Quality Pins-I am still tweaking my pin making. I use Canva to make all of my pins for free. It is incredibly easy to use. I try to create 2-3 different pins for each blog. When my posts don’t make as big of a splash on Pinterest as I want, I go back to the drawing board and create a new pin. I am also trying a new approach with my pins for next month! Stay tuned to see what this approach is and whether or not it works!

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Gain Followers-I have a Facebook page for my blog but I do not use it like I use my other social media accounts. I only have a few likes on my page. I hope to improve this one day but for now this has not been my Facebook focus because there are far more important things to do on Facebook when you are starting your blog.

Join Blogger Facebook Groups-Blogger Facebook groups are a great place to get tips and tricks on running a successful blog! Most groups also have posts where you can comment and post links to your blogs or your other social media accounts. This is a great way to promote your blog with fellow bloggers! Although I have very few Facebook likes on my actual page I get a decent amount of blog traffic through Facebook.

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Please feel free to comment or Contact Me with any questions you have about growing your Social Media following! I would be happy to connect and share any advice I may have!

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How to Improve your Blog Traffic

My first month of blogging is coming to an end! I actually started writing blog posts five months ago but I didn’t make my blog public until early this month. It has been an amazing first month. I started blogging because I have looked through so many blogs during my parenting journey and I wanted  to be able to give back to other moms by sharing the tips, struggles and triumphs I have had along the way. I struggled with when to publish my blog and whether or not I was ready. I finally decided to just jump in and make my blog public! I set goals for my first public month of blogging and I am proud to say that I accomplished ALL of my first month blogging goals! This month I learned so much about growing blog traffic and I want to share what I learned with all you fellow bloggers!

Here’s how I grew my blog traffic:

1. Grow your Social Media Followers:

The ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to grow your blog traffic is by using social media! Social media is the perfect way to get the word out about your blog and the best way to advertise when you write a new post. Social media also allows you to make connections with people who you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. If someone feels connected to you they are much more likely to visit your blog and more importantly, follow your blog! Growing your social media is so important that I created an entire post on how to grow social media followers. You can view my HOW TO GROW YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWING blog post here.

2. Become a Contributor to as Many Pinterest Boards as you Can:

It is important to gain followers on Pinterest. However, it is even more important to get your pins out to as many people as possible and the best way to do this is to become a contributor on group boards. As you are looking through Pinterest boards of people you follow, pay special attention to whether or not they are members of any group boards. You can tell if a board is a group board because in the bottom left corner there will be a symbol of two gray figures. Make sure to visit these boards and read the descriptions. Most group boards will tell you how to join in the description. If not, just send a direct message to the creator and ask for an add. I only have 370 Pinterest followers but I am able to reach thousands of people through the group boards I am part of! The more people your pins reach the more traffic you get! I also started two of my own group boards because I really want my blog to be a collaborative effort and starting a group board is the perfect way to embrace this approach in my social media accounts!

Side Note: I used Canva for free to make pins for each of my posts.

You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking the button in the left corner of this page!

3. Be consistent on Social Media:

I made a 1-10-20 challenge for my social media accounts. I challenged myself to post 1 time a day on Instagram, 10 times a day on Twitter and pin 20 times a day on Pinterest. I also made sure to not only post my content but to also support other bloggers. I retweet a lot of other bloggers tweets and most of the content I pin each day isn’t my own! The more active you are on Pinterest the more likely your pins are to be promoted throughout the site. In addition, you want to help your followers by giving them as much useful information as you can! It is also so important to support your fellow bloggers!! To be honest, there were several days that I failed at this challenge, especially toward the end of the month because I was busy working on some other exciting things to grow my blog! However, the days that I succeeded in this challenge and posted consistently on my various accounts my blog traffic was significantly higher than the days I didn’t. I’m looking into tools that will schedule pins for me. I’ll report back when I find the best one!

4. Use StumbleUpon:

I had never heard of Stumble Upon until I started blogging and I didn’t learn about it until half way through this month. I wish I would have known about it sooner! When I started using StumbleUpon, I saw a dramatic increase in my blog traffic. I was amazed that this one site could triple my daily blog traffic! I had a few posts that did very well on the site which resulted in amazingly high traffic! I would definitely recommend StumbleUpon to any and all bloggers! If you don’t have StumbleUpon, sign up NOW! Just be sure you are active on the site and you like other posts and not just your own!

5. Use Plug-Ins for Social Media:

You have probably noticed that I have social media icons in the right hand corner of each of my posts and floating social media icons on the left side of my posts. It is important to have both sets of these icons. The icons on the right are follow buttons. This is an avenue for people to follow me on my various accounts and the more people you have following you on social media, the more consistent traffic you will have! The icons on the left, are share buttons. This allows people to share my posts on their various social media accounts which results in my posts reaching even more people than just those who follow me. This is crucial to blog traffic.

I use Super Socializer and Ultimate Social Media PLUS as my two plug ins.

Use Automated Direct Messages on Twitter:

I use CrowdFire to send automated direct messages to everyone who follows me on Twitter. In my direct messages, I give the links to all of my other social media accounts and ask people to follow me in these various venues. And of course, I include a link to my blog! Some people may find automated messages to be annoying but it would be impossible for me to send a personalized message to every single one of my Twitter followers. This is a great option to reach out to all of your followers and to encourage them to follow you in other places!

6. Send personalized messages:

I send automated messages to every single Twitter follower and you can read why on my post about How to Grow Social Media Traffic. However,  I also send personalized direct messages through both Twitter and Instagram. I am starting a new section on my blog about Birth Stories so I wanted to collect as many stories as I can. (Check out this amazing section of my blog here.) I tried posting general messages about my project but I received little interest. When I started to reach out to people through personalized direct messages, I was shocked by the response and by the increase in my blog traffic! This was totally unintentional as I just wanted to include as many strong Mamas as I could in this project, but it ended up being a great help to my blog traffic! It was also a great way to reach out to fellow bloggers and I am so glad I was able to connect with all of these amazing ladies!

These easy steps helped me grow my blog traffic far beyond what I expected in just the first month! I am so excited to continue this blogging journey and I will share all of the tips and tricks I learn along the way. Happy Blogging!





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