I’m Cambrea, 36 year old mother of four c-section babies! I blog, inconsistently, about living life outside of normal over at www.cambrealynn.com. This is the birth story of my fourth and last baby, my favourite birth story.

After having a c-section due to complications with my first I opted for repeat c-sections with the other three. I went through a phase of shame over not giving birth the “real” way, but with my last baby I decided to embrace the special way that I give birth. All births are different and enchanting in their own way.

Henrietta’s was my most magical birth. I had a scheduled c-section after much prayer and advice from the best obgyn on the planet. I went in for an additional ultrasound to check to see if I had a placenta accreta. (Where the placenta grows into the uterine lining. This can happen with repeat c-sections.) I did not have an accrete, but the doctor really thought it would be safer for us to have a c-section with extra blood on hand just in case. My husband is rarely concerned about anything and asked that I would go ahead with the c-section so we did.

We got to choose her birthday, another perk of having a scheduled c-section. I think birthday’s on minor holidays are really fun, and the dates lined up, so we chose St.Patrick’s Day! We even gave her an Irish middle name, Saoirse (pronounced seer-sha) means freedom in Irish. It definitely embodies all that I want for her in life.

The night before I had her we went to Chili’s, I ate a bacon cheeseburger and chips with queso. We went home, put the other kids to bed, played FFXIV, and washed all her tiny things. My sister stayed over to be with the other kids in the morning. I went to bed well after midnight, having babies is so exciting for me.

We left the house at 5am and headed down to the hospital. They buzzed us in and two nurses took us to a room to fill out paperwork. Jimmy pointed out the name of one nurse, Svetlana, it’s one of my favourite names. The second nurse, though equally well intended, was not my favourite. She attempted to give me an IV while Svetlana filled in paperwork. After three tries and telling me I was moving too much she took a break from stabbing me. I don’t understand why they tell you not to eat or drink then are surprised that they can’t get an IV in you! Fourth time was the charm, but it felt like the needle was going into the bone on the top of my hand! Luckily, the IV was the worst part.

After a relatively short wait I went right across the hall into the operating room. My husband went to prep and wait, for some reason they don’t ever let him in until after they give me the spinal block. I discussed previous births with the anesthesiologist. I was really nervous after having such a terrible time with the IV. One of the nurses stood right by me and held my hand while they put the needle in. It turned out to be my least painful spinal block yet.

While that set in I talked with the doctor and listened to the nurses. Having a baby is such a happy surgery, everyone seems excited and in a good mood. Someone brought me a warm blanket and wrapped it around my head and arms.

My husband came in and the doctor started the procedure. It seemed like a long time, but it was only about twenty minutes until they were ready to push her out. There is a lot of pulling and pushing around, but it didn’t hurt in any way.  My husband was in charge of capturing the event, he turned the video off and back on and it messed up the camera settings so we got a picture but no video. I have said picture, but I will spare the queasy among you.

In a comedic turn of events, Henrietta pooped on the doctor as he delivered her! I heard her tiny cry and they checked her real quick before handing her over to my husband to bring to me. I did get nauseous at this point but the anesthesiologist was right on it and I only gave the doctor a little bit of a hard time by retching while he was stitching. I was so apologetic and he laughed and was very kind and patient.

After we were all done, they handed Henrietta to my husband and we walked back to the little room across the hall. Usually I have to wait in post-op, but this hospital lets you stay with the baby the entire time, just no visitors! The nurse asked if I wanted her to wash the baby and I forgot my plans and said yes. Then they asked if I wanted to nurse, “Oh yes!”

My girl latched right on and was a rockstar at breast feeding all the way up until 23 months when she was over it. We nursed and snuggled and took selfies and texted everyone while they waited to be let in to see us. My husband napped in the chair by my bed and it was so quiet. The light in the room was warm and beautiful. It really was magical. 

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