When I look back on giving birth to the twins I can only laugh, I had a healthy uneventful pregnancy but I was huge. All my weight was in my belly. I went to my doctor appointment where I was supposed to be scheduled for Induction, only to find out the doctors decided it wasn’t in our best interest and to let labor begin naturally.  I was devastated! I couldn’t move very well, the lack of sleep, and pain in my hips, I was OVER IT!

I came back to my parents house, where I had been staying, to get ready for dinner and I laid on the floor and said to my father “I want this to be over, I’m ready”.  Well one of the little ones apparently shared my sentiments. I was having probably one of the best night sleeps of my pregnancy, I should’ve know something was up.   Some time after 4am I heard a pop sound. Loud  enough to wake me up from a sleep. Is that even normal?  Well I heard it! So I jumped up and ran to the bathroom..  and my water broke at the toilet!  Only I wasn’t sure if it was actually my water breaking or something else, I called my mom in to confirm.  Sure enough “it was time.”    I threw something on I could “fit” and sat waiting for my parents while they got ready.  It took them forever. In their experience the labor process takes a while, especially for first pregnancy.  Well, I will never forget mom came downstairs with a fully made up face and hair done.  Dad was looking as fresh as one would at 9am they were dressed so nice. Did I mention it was after 4am?  Anyway, I had started having contractions.  Hard ones!   I still managed to laugh and utter an “Are you kidding me!”

Upon arrival at the hospital, I was met with a wheel chair at the ER and began throwing up non stop.  The person wheeling me said “Oh, you are in active labor.”  Somehow, however, I was left to labor in triage! Every single contraction was so strong I didn’t know what to do.  I remember the nurses always tried to hold a conversation during a contraction.  I asked why, they said to distract me.  I’m assuming they hadn’t experienced labor themselves yet.  Or at least not non medicated labor.

Well, I finally made it to labor and delivery. And was prepped for my epidural. Too little to late maybe, I was barely getting comfortable when, a nurse peeked under the blanket and said “oh your 100%” and I was whisked away. I got to press the medicine button one time.

Hospital policy was that multiples were delivered in the OR. So it wasn’t a great experience. A bright white room, cold and unwelcoming. I sort of felt like the bride of Frankenstein, and since I gave birth in an education hospital, and was giving birth to multiples more staff is required for delivery. Can you picture it? I’m laying there with my feet up and bare bottom out, with about 16 people in the room, that I was meeting for the first time. I just closed my eyes and pushed!

Surprise! I actually felt the first baby come out! He had a head full of silky hair.  I wasn’t given any skin to skin though unfortunately.  I remember being shocked at how big he was.

Next they broke the water for the next baby.. a gush of hot water splashed .. and 20 minutes later I pushed out my little girl! She was even bigger than my son!  And no one warns you, about afterbirth..  you deliver that too.. Yay! So technically I pushed 4 objects out in one morning.

I had given birth to two healthy babies, from my water breaking to giving birth to the last baby was only 5.5 hours! No NICU, no C-Section. My son weighed just under 6lbs and my daughter weighed  just over 6lbs they had beautiful thick dark curly silky hair. I was so tired, but that was only the beginning.

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