On April 22nd around 3am I had my first contraction. I remember being woken up by it thinking “was that what I think it is?”. Sure enough the contractions continued to come every 10-20 minuets. I was able to go back to sleep and when my husband John and I woke up around 7am my contractions had gotten closer together, coming every 5-10 minuets. At this point they were mild but definitely contractions. I actually had an appointment with my OB that morning so I went ahead and got ready to go. Soon I realized my contraction were coming every 5 minuets! I stood there thinking “I think this is it?!? This is going SO fast!” I always imagined myself laboring at home for awhile but it seemed like we should be going ahead to the hospitable! So that’s what we did. I still wasn’t sure if I should go to my appointment or go to labor and delivery so I called and asked hahaha. Of course they advised me to go to labor and delivery. We got the hospitable, went to the door and buzzed the receptionist and I finally said those words I have dreamed about saying for months now, “I’m in labor?!”, still not sure how this could possibly be real, it was all happening so fast! After being put in an exam room we waited for about three hours, anxiously waiting. My contractions were getting stronger and still coming every 5-7 minuets so we all thought the baby would be here by the afternoon! Once we got into our room my contractions were getting very intense. I don’t remember a whole lot of what was going on but I do remember being in a lot of pain and being unable to get comfortable. My nurse who was also pregnant was amazing! She helped me through many contractions and had a ton of great ideas. After a couple hours of intense contractions, still 5-7 minutes apart I was totally miserable. My nurse suggested getting in the tub. I sat there for what seemed like forever. John stayed by my side and was such a great support through my whole labor. After the tub I tried rocking on the birthing ball and a few other positions on the bed at this point I had been laboring 12 hours and nothing seemed comfortable. I couldn’t open my eyes and was in a ton of pain. I wasn’t really getting any rest between contractions and I started worrying about pushing since I was already so exhausted. Around 8pm I decided to get the epidural and boy am I SO glad I did. Once it was in it was like a night and day difference. I could open my eyes, relax and actually have a conversation! Praise God for epidurals haha! I still hadn’t progressed very much and was only around a 4. After that everything came to a stand still over night so we all tried getting some sleep. The next morning, April 23th, the nurse came in and checked me, to our discouragement, I was only at a 6! The Dr. came in and said he was going to start me on pitocin and if I wasn’t at a 10 in three hours I would most likely be getting a c section. The three hours came and went, when he checked I was almost ready to push, thankfully he gave me an additional hour! Shortly after that I began feeling a lot of pressure and was definitely ready to push! Everything after that point seemed like a whirlwind, suddenly everyone was in place and I was pushing! I remember John saying “I see him! He has hair!” after 12-15 minuets he was out! Holding him for the first time, all brand new and completely perfect, that was the most incredible experience of my life. My heart instantly grew and was filled with more love than I ever imagined possible. For him I would go through it all 100 times again. 


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