My due date was July 31st. I was going to be having a beautiful baby girl by that day. That day came and she wasn’t ready to come out. Almost two full weeks later I gave birth to my baby girl.

I was called in for induction on Monday August 8th at 6am. I arrived at the birthing center around 7 am and was given Cervadil right away to try and avoid being given Pitocin. I had the Cervadil in for 12 hours and absolutely nothing happened but a lot of pain and discomfort so it was taken out around 3 am August 9th then I was given an hour to shower and eat something then the Pitocin started. I started having contractions only a few hours later.

I’m not sure about the times but I dilated to 4 by the middle of the day.  By that time I needed the epidural so the anesthesiologist was called in to give it to me. He missed my vein and went into a blood vessel so I had to have it all over again then only about 4 hours later the epidural stopped working and I was thrown into my contractions at 7cm. After not being able to feel anything that was extremely painful. I was given another shot of the epidural  which didn’t help at all so I had to wait the 45 minutes for the doc to finish up a c section before he could come redo my epidural one again. The third epidural was successful for another 4 hours but right after getting it my blood pressure dropped extremely low and I was given a dose of (I forget the name epi something ) something to try and bring it back up. It didn’t work very well. The baby’s heart started going haywire and I was in and out of consciousness and put in oxygen. I don’t even know how long it was before they finally leveled it out. After that I had dilated to a 9 then back down to a 7 so after waiting a few more hours they broke my water, my epidural began to once again wear off and I was ready to give birth.

After about and hour of pushing I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Nora at 12:42 on August 10th. Weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches long. But it doesn’t stop there. Nora inhaled fluid while traveling out of the canal so she didn’t cry only grunted. So the doctors had to do procedures to get the fluid out and get her breathing. It was gut wrenching to watch and not be able to do anything for your child but now she is almost 3 months old and weighs 13 pounds and is perfectly healthy.


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