I admittedly am not very creative. But, I loved doing arts and crafts when I worked at a daycare. Before I had children, there was no doubt in my mind that I would do all kinds of Pinterest inspired crafts with Lulu but I think I have actually only made 3 and 2 of them were really only art a mother would love. Today, though I found some motivation to pull out the canvas that has been in my drawer for the past 10 months and get creative!

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Fingerprint Art

  1. Fold a piece of paper or cardboard in half. From the fold line, draw half a heart.Fingerprint Art
  2. Cut out the heart and tape it to your canvas.Fingerprint Art
  3. Press child’s finger in ink. I used the Melissa and Doug stamp pad which worked great because it had a variety of colors and even better it was cheap! You can purchase this ink pad HERE from Amazon.Fingerprint Art
  4. Press child’s finger along the edge of the heart. Once you have fingerprints around the entire heart you can start putting fingerprints on the rest of the canvas. The more fingerprints you have the better it will look.   Fingerprint Art
  5. Remove the heart from canvas. And you are done!! Super easy art project and it looks adorable hanging up in the playroom!Fingerprint Art***Note: Bribery may be necessary to complete this project! I had to use Yogurt Melts and a Sippy cup of Milk in order to my wild toddler to sit long enough to finish!***

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