Lulu is one! I have had so much fun planning her first birthday party. This is probably the only birthday I will get to pick a theme that I want because she is too young to voice her opinion! I knew as soon as I had a baby girl that I wanted her first birthday to have a pink and gold theme. I am by no means a fancy party planner and I am NOT a crafty person but I am slowly learning. Most of the décor I had for her birthday was purchased off of Etsy. I did a few projects and trust me, if I could do these crafts, anyone can! I also reused a lot of the decor for her first birthday photo shoot.

The Welcome Table: I purchased the banner and string from a local craft store. The banner was already cut out. I just had to string and hang it! Easy enough and it added the extra pink and gold touches I was looking for. The stats printable was ordered off of Etsy from ChalkType. I then just glued the printable on a canvas. I  framed two pictures from her first birthday photoshoot. One of the frames had a signable border. I put out a gold sharpie so our guests could sign in. We actually won this frame from the 1st Birthday Party that Toys R Us throws. I’m really excited about this keepsake. {Sidenote: the Toys R US 1st birthday was a nice FREE event-I would definitely recommend it. I think they do it a few times a year}.


Month by Month Display: This banner was made in the same way as mentioned above. Every month I took a picture of Lulu next to a chalkboard which listed her stats and things she liked that month. To display these pictures at the birthday party, I bought unfinished wooden picture frames at the craft store. They were only $1 each. I then spray painted them hot pink, gold and light pink.


Weekly Photo Display: Every Wednesday for the first year of Lulu’s life I took a picture of her. I know this sounds a little crazy but she’s my first child. I wanted to document her growth every week and I just really love pictures. Even if you aren’t a crazy picture lover who tortures her child with a weekly photoshoot, you can still do a picture board like this by just organizing your photos in chronological order to go with the ‘time flies’ theme. We actually used this frame at our wedding and I found it just sitting in our basement. It was black before so I spray painted it light pink to go with the theme. I printed the ‘Time Flies’ letters offline. I then just glued the letters to pink cardstock paper. I printed the pictures as 4×4 so I didn’t have to cut them down too much. I used a corner cutter so the edges would be nice and round. I labeled each of the pictures with the week it was taken and just glued them directly onto a large card board piece of paper. The white bin and ‘ONE’ letters were reused from her one year old photo shoot. I bought the bin and letters from the local craft store and just spray painted them to go with the color scheme.


The Cake: I am actually better at crafts than I am at baking so I most definitely did not make the cake. I just searched pinterest for cakes I liked, printed a picture and gave it to our bakery. The ‘One’ cake topper was purchased off of Etsy from WithlovebyAnri.

img_7934The Highchair: Of course the highchair has to be perfectly decorated for the cake smash! I just tied balloons to the back of the chair and tied the ‘ONE’ sign to the front. The one sign was purchased off of Etsy from SugaryDreamShoppe.img_8069

Family Photo Wall: I thought it would be a really nice idea to do a photo wall that celebrated everyone who has been involved in Lulu’s first year. Of course my Mama brain forgot to take a picture of it but I wanted to mention it here because I got A LOT of compliments on the wall and people loved looking for their pictures with Lulu. I cut out letters that spelled out ‘Thank You for Making My First Year So Special’. These were glued onto light pink cardstock. I then printed pictures of Lulu with all of the people in her life {I made sure to have at least one picture with everyone at the party}. I glued these pictures onto gold and light pink cardstock. I then just taped them to a large empty wall.


The Outfit: This princess needed a tutu and crown for her first birthday!   The outfit was purchased off of Etsy from avannabelbaby. The crown was purchased off of Etsy from DaintyCouture.img_7920

I would say the birthday party was a success! Lulu had a great time {as you can tell from the picture}.

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