Lulu has A LOT of clothes. I mean she’s a girl. She needs a variety of outfits. And then she of course needs bows and shoes to go along with each. I have had more binges at Carters, Target and OshKosh than I would like to admit. But, I get the majority of her clothes and shoes from other moms! How is this possible? Mom to Mom sales, mom to mom Facebook pages and my very favorite…second hand shops! Every time I get a compliment on one of Lulu’s second hand outfits people are shocked to learn where I purchased it. There have even been times that people doubtfully question whether I am remembering the purchase correctly. So many people have negative ideas of ‘hand me downs’. They envision the clothes to be tattered, stained and have the ‘this outfit has been worn by 12 different kids’ look. There are a few things to keep in my mind when attempting to purchase second hand.


Mom to Mom Facebook Pages

If you want to get great deals off of Facebook it is important to join all of the Mom to Mom sales sites in your area. Just do a Facebook search for mom to mom sales in your city. It is also imperative that you turn on notifications for each of these pages. If you aren’t quick you are going to miss out! The nicer the item, the quicker it is going to go.Items on Facebook go fast! The sites I am a member of have over 10,000 followers. That is 10,000 people you have to compete with for an item you want.  Once you join the sites make sure you understand how they work. The majority of sites go based on a first come first serve basis. This means the first person to comment and say ‘interested’ is the person who will be contacted first for item pickup. If someone has already commented that they are interested you can still comment and say ‘next in line’. If the first person passes, the seller will move on to you.

Mom to Mom Sales

These sales most frequently occur in the spring and fall. Most states have a Mom to Mom sale website which lists all of the sales in the state. The Michigan Mom to Mom site is Most of the sales will have an Early Bird special which means you pay a little extra {normally $1} to get into the shops early. I can’t tell you how many times I have been walking into a Mom to Mom sale and I see another mom walking out with the exact item I wanted. I kick myself that if only I would have arrived to the sale earlier I could have gotten what I wanted. The early bird sales definitely pay off. If there are more than one sale in your area on a certain day try to go to the sale that is going to have more tables. It is very rare that I walk out of a 100+ table sale without anything purchased.

Second Hand Sale Shops

I have actually never been to the large chain resale shops such as ‘Once Upon a Child’. However, the people I know who have been to these large chain stores have given mixed reviews about the quality and price of clothes for sale. The resale shops I like are the small local resale stores. All of the small resale shops I have been to have great quality outfits and fairly reasonable prices. They are typically a little more expensive than Mom to Mom sales but they normally have slightly higher quality items to chose from. All of the clothes I have purchased from second hand shops look brand new. This is also where I get a lot of the higher end brand clothes that there is no way I would purchase for full price. New items come into second hand shops all the time so it’s important to visit on a regular basis. The local shop in my area allows shoppers to give a list of items you are interested in and they will call you if they get these items into the store.


No matter which venue you are shopping at it is important to remember to be picky. Just because you spent a few dollars to get into a Mom to Mom sale does not mean you need to buy a spit up stained shirt with a hole in the back. This was the mistake I made when I first had Lulu. I was so excited to finally be part of this exclusive mom club that I jumped at the chance to buy.  It ended up being such a waste of money because Lulu never even wore these clothes! Now that I have learned to be picky, the clothes I buy from second hand shops are some of my absolute favorites!

I love the feeling I get when I save money! After shopping, I like to go online and see how much the full priced item would have cost. Over this past year, I estimate that I have saved almost $1,000! This includes shoes which is one of the biggest savings. Shoes at the stores can cost upward of $30 but all of the shoes I have bought for Lulu have been under $10!

Enjoy shopping Mamas!


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