We LOVE traditions in our house. And this is one of my favorites. Every Fall we pick one Sunday to watch Lions football, set up Halloween decorations and most importantly we make the most AMAZING Potato Cheese Soup. Today was the day! When I smell the soup cooking it makes me nostalgic. I immediately think back to when it was just Sam and I in our first house. We weren’t even engaged yet. It was one of the first meals we ever cooked together in our home. The kitchen was a disaster afterwards but it was totally worth it. We made something together and we were closer because of it.

This year was even more special than previous years because it was the first time Lulu could participate in the tradition! And she absolutely loved it! As you can tell:



I have always enjoyed traditions but getting the opportunity to share these special moments with Lulu make them even more enjoyable. I want Lulu to grow up loving traditions as much as I did. I want her to look forward to the start of fall because of soup day and watching football with her Daddy, even if the Lions do lose every year. I want her to know that every year there are things she can count on. Things that will never change even though the world around her is constantly changing. I want her to have that security. When she gets older I want her to continue these traditions with her family.  And when she is cooking the soup for her family, I hope she remembers the sight of Mama cutting potatoes and singing along to music while Daddy yells at the TV because the Lions have thrown yet another interception. I hope she remembers the laughs we shared when we sat down for the meal together. I hope she is reminded that her Mama and Dada gave her the best childhood they could.

But seriously, this soup. It is so good. Sam and I started making it together the first year we bought our house. We have changed it a lot over the years and I think we finally have the best version. Of course, it can be personalized because Sam and I rarely agree on toppings so pretty much every recipe I make has to be able to accommodate some variations. I like extra Cheddar cheese, bacon bits and green onion. Sam prefers very light cheese and bacon bits. He doesn’t even want a green onion to touch his plate. But, no matter how you top this soup, it tastes incredible!


You can see the recipe HERE!


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